Smit && Andersson

An Antagonistic Mindmeld In Techno-philosophy

SMIT && ANDERSSON is a philosophically oriented tech-art && research duo based in Groningen, the Netherlands. Our goal is to investigate the phenomenological aspects of perception; body; space; and time, – in a present where we all carry a refracted version of ourselves in our pockets. and to expand the confinements of language and narrative; seeing and being. Our wish to establish a form of communication more suitable for discussing the complexities of contemporaneity; A trans-medial language appropriate of the anthropocene; A language for the networked human.

What we are searching for is emotionally oriented connections that communicate something that lays outside or language scope, as we believe such expression and experience to make valuable food for thought, seeing how they stimulate thinking-feeling around questions too big or too far removed to be tackled with logic and reasoning.

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Coming on different paths in our wandering of the world, and of our lives so far, has led us to Groningen, which is where we met, and where this collaboration very naturally [perhaps even inexorably] begun to form, and started to articulate itself, until it became what it is today. The collaboration has among other things resulted in two semi-autobiographic & somewhat science-f[r]ictional interpretations of the physical and digital worlds we spend our daily lives in. These two interpretations of the present were developed “side by side” so to say, rather than together as one thing, and so they each have their own focal point, language and narration style, but they are also inseparable, as they represent two sides of one dialogue, and they are aiming at the same point with the same intention. They share the goal of raising questions concerning the social impact of technological advancements, without necessarily “pointing fingers”, or taking a technophobic, dystopian or pessimist point of view, and to communicate with a transparency towards who they are, in order to create nuanced discourse that stimulates a meaningful knowledge exchange. This way of working in dialogue with each other very much exemplifies the Smit && Andersson collaboration, and is better described as three entities, rather than one

Smit is Smit,

Andersson is Andersson,

Smit && Andersson is a perpetual man-machine.